After a childhood together spent damming streams and building huts, the founders of Ka Noa Manuka, standing on the shoulders of families who were pioneers of the NZ organic industry, bring together a knowledge of the relationship between wellbeing and nature and a passion for excellence.



Joseph and I both come from a Steiner education. Steiner has very strong roots in natural health, agriculture and our relationship with nature. From a very early age we learnt that nature and wellbeing are unquestionably connected.

Our families are involved in the New Zealand Organic Industry. Therefore growing up, we were surrounded by natural and organic products, whether it was organic pro biotic yoghurt or natural supplements like bee pollen or Primrose. This way of living has stuck with us throughout our lives and we are now very excited to be able to bring you a product of our own.

It was by chance that I got involved in beekeeping. I was looking for work over summer having just left school and a good friend mentioned that his boss was looking for staff. A little nervous at the prospect of getting stung, I went for the job. A few hundred stings later and I was hooked, I found bees fascinating. That short summer job quickly turned into a three year apprenticeship and a lifelong love for the craft.

When Joseph and I got together two years ago to discuss what sort of product we could produce, and contribute to the industry that our families are a part of, my mind instantly went to Manuka Honey. I was very lucky that my old boss had produced high quality Manuka Honey. I had learnt first hand about its natural qualities and the movement that was taking place. We both agreed it was perfect. A product produced 100% in New Zealand nature with a great body of research behind it with many significant findings.

We then talked about guiding principles. How we could stay true to the way we were brought up and keep in line with our relationship with nature.

*Quality guarantee we felt was the most important principle. UMF is the only recognized standard in the industry and we both felt it was key to be a part of the group. They lead the way in research and complete regular quality control audits to guarantee consumers a quality product.

*Purity of supply. We decided we didn’t want to blend all of our Honey like big companies do. Instead we decided to offer a single source Honey. Every batch packed would be from one Beekeeper and one region of New Zealand.

*Security of supply was key. We didn’t want to offer a great product and all of a sudden leave our customers high and dry. We solidified relationships I already had and set out developing new ones with beekeepers from all over New Zealand. In turn, securing a steady supply of high quality Manuka Honey.


  • To guarantee the highest quality product we can offer.
  • To maintain purity in our supply.
  • To build and maintain vital relationships with our customers and Beekeepers.
  • To never forget the connection between Nature and Wellbeing.


Two years later, a humble vision shared between childhood friends has become reality. We have worked hard throughout the development process, making sure we stay true to our principles and are now very excited to offer you Ka Noa Manuka Honey. We are positive you will love our product and welcome you to be a part of our journey.

Linus Cram and Joseph Linklater
Co-founders Ka Noa Manuka