About Us

Ka Noa ‘To be cleansed’.

We harvest pure Mānuka honey from native forest in remote New Zealand.

Unblended – unrefined – additive free.

We carefully source isolated Mānuka forests to harvest honey rich in pollen count and high in UMF®.

We are located in the Bay of Plenty on New Zealand’s east coast and are hands-on with every step in our production.

We’re continuing to explore the benefits and uses of Mānuka through research and product development.

If you have any questions or feedback we would love to hear from you at info@kanoamanuka.com

Meet our founders

Joseph Linklater and Linus Cram, childhood friends sharing a dream.
    Joseph Linklater

    Drawing inspiration from family members who are pioneers in the New Zealand organic food industry, Joseph teamed up with childhood friend Linus Cram to realise his own vision of a product directly connected to nature.

    Joseph Linklater
    Co-Founder of Ka noa manuka
    Linus Cram

    Linus developed an affinity with beekeeping through a high school summer job. This summer fling quickly turned in to an apprenticeship and a passion. His craftsmanship in beekeeping has developed in to a philosophy, working as one with nature. His partnership with childhood friend Joseph Linklater has made a dream come true.

    Linus Cram
    Co-Founder of Ka noa manuka
Working with nature
We have developed processes that complement nature so we can offer you a true experience of Manuka Honey.

What makes us special.

Single Source™

We are the only company to offer Manuka Honey where each batch is from only one source.

UMF® Certified

We are licensed members of the UMF Honey Association which guarantees authenticity.

Owner Operated

Our two founders are active members of our team. From beekeeping to customer service.

Product of New Zealand

Our Manuka Honey is collected in New Zealand by New Zealand bees.