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What is Leptosperin?

What is Leptosperin? & Why is it so important?

Leptosperin is a naturally occurring chemical found only in the nectar of Mānuka plants.  It stays stable over time, which makes testing for Leptosperin in honey a good way of identifying if it contains Mānuka , and if it is concentrated enough to be labelled as Mānuka Honey. It was identified first (and patented) by Japanese researcher Kato in 2014. Later that […]

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Spring has arrived in New Zealand and with it, the Manuka flower has started to blossom.

After months of preparation the team at Ka Noa are very excited to bring you the Ka Noa Manuka website. Not only will this be a space for purchasing high quality Manuka products, we will also be running an active journal, documenting our journey as we meet with New Zealand Beekeepers, explore the ground breaking […]

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